BCU Scholarship Recipient Finds Passion Through Camp Kesem

March 1, 2019

Camp Kesem scholarship picture“Here Today For Your Tomorrow” - a promise made by the Credit Union and echoed in a partnership with Camp Kesem.

Kesem, a nationwide community driven by passionate student leaders, supports children through and beyond a parent’s cancer, offering resources and programs at no cost to families.

BCU employees chose Kesem as one of four charities to support annually, believing the two share similar values: to be selfless and give back.

“Just as BCU employees rally together to support every member’s discovery of financial freedom, so too do we support the broader needs of the world around us,” Jill Sammons, VP of Marketing said. “Sometimes the need is closer than we think. Camp Kesem is a cause that our company, our staff, and even our members have developed a strong connection with.”

2018 BCU Scholarship recipient, Tommy Bartecki, found a connection between his membership with the Credit Union and a relationship with Camp Kesem. After losing his mother to cancer, Bartecki found both a haven in Kesem and a passion to give back.

“The program resonated with me on a personal level,” Bartecki said. “It’s a huge step in the healing-process, but it’s also a way to connect and have fun. I wanted to help kids who have gone through the same thing as me and be that positive light in their life.”

A freshman at the University of Southern California, Bartecki first learned about Kesem at a student involvement fair and again after talking to BCU representatives. Just months after applying as a first-year counselor, Bartecki, whose camp name is "Bolt", raised over $16,000 for the university's chapter. He was quickly promoted to co-coordinator of development and is responsible for driving fundraising efforts.

“BCU values community involvement, philanthropy, teamwork, and professionalism. It’s wonderful to see these values reflected in the character of our scholarship recipients,” Sammons said. “We’re especially proud to acknowledge Tommy Bartecki for his active participation with Camp Kesem.”

Since 2014, BCU has awarded over $165,000 in scholarships to college-bound high school seniors. Awards are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice. Selection criteria includes academics, participation in community activities, and demonstration of core values

BCU’s 2019 Scholarship Program kicks off April 2. Applications are accepted through May 17. For more information about BCU’s Scholarship Program, visit bcu.org/scholarship.

To learn more about the opportunities available through Camp Kesem, visit campkesem.org.

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