How To Apply

Guidelines for Giving

Giving back is part of BCU’s culture, and over the years, BCU has proudly supported numerous charities and non-profits who make an impact in the communities where our members and employees live and work. BCU’s giving back guidelines were developed to help assist eligible organizations in understanding our purpose and values when requesting BCU support through advocacy, employee volunteering, and monetary donations. In order to achieve balance across regions and causes in grant allocation, BCU will give priority to requests that most closely match the demographics of our company partners, members, and employees.

Funding Limitations

BCU charitable support is not available for the following:

  • Any group which is not qualified as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code  (includes any organization that cannot provide their first year audited financial statement) 
  • Groups seeking educational or travel grants for contests, pageants, trips or conventions
  • Advertising, promotional events or sponsorship of athletic teams
  • Lobbying, partisan or denominational* groups
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Capital campaigns
  • Sponsorship for individuals participating in cause-related events such as walks, runs and conferences
  • Sponsorships submitted by a third party on behalf of an organization 
  • Individual elementary and secondary schools


How to Apply

All eligible nonprofit organizations seeking consideration for support are required to complete our online BCU Charitable Giving Application. Phone or Fax applications will not be accepted.

Please be prepared to include the following:

  • Organization, contact name, address and 501(c)(3) documentation (if applicable)
  • A brief statement of your organization's history and purpose
  • Amount requested
  • Purpose/intended use for the contribution
  • A budget for the organization and/or specific project
  • Copies of the organization's most recent, audited financial statement
  • A list of the organization's board members and other corporate/foundation contributors
  • A demographic description of the group(s) you serve
  • Names, if any, of BCU employee(s) connected with your organization or project
  • A list of accrediting agencies, if applicable
  • A description of how BCU will be acknowledged for our contribution

Please allow a minimum of 60 days for a response. All decisions will be communicated by email to the address provided on the application. If you have a question about the application process, please contact To ask about sponsorship opportunities, contact your local Credit Union Service Center.


Please note that contribution requests are considered once per calendar year and are not granted in perpetuity.


Thank you for allowing BCU to aid in your efforts to make a difference.

  • Disclosure


    *BCU contributes to faith-based organizations on the condition that contributions are used to enhance services within the community and are in accordance with BCU’s specific areas of focus. Contributions may not be used for religious purposes or to serve a limited constituency.

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