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  • Here are the issues we are aware of and working on with the new Mobile Banking. This page will be updated as soon as fixes are available.

    Pay Anyone

    • A few individuals have reported an error message when attempting to collect funds sent via Pay Anyone. The message states “An error has occurred. Please try again later.” and the recipient is asked to enter a password. If you send funds to someone via Pay Anyone and they receive this message, please contact us or visit a Service Center.

    General Login:

    • A few Android users have reported an issue when logging into the Mobile Banking app. A message appears stating "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later." If you receive this message, you can still access your accounts via the mobile website or Online Banking until the issue is resolved. Please check back soon for updates.

    • If you see the error message “There was a problem submitting your request” after entering your verification code, it may be related to the language preferences on your device. If not set to English, change to English and go through the authentication process again. When registration is complete, you can reset to your original preference. Be sure to tap Remember Device so you only need to go through the authentication process once.

    • Members using Chrome on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad) are not able to log in to the Mobile Banking website at this time. Until this issue is resolved, you may use Safari to access the Mobile Banking site.

    • If you encounter an error that reads “500, It seems we've encountered an error!”, please contact us or visit a Service Center. You will then receive a message within Online Banking letting you know when you can log in again. You should receive this message within one business day or sooner.

    Deposit Anywhere:

    • iOS (iPhone, iPad) users – after opening Deposit Anywhere in the new app and tapping check front, you may see a message saying “BCU would like to Access the Camera”. If you tap Ok, Deposit Anywhere will work normally. If you click Don't Allow, the next time you tap check front a message stating “No Access to Camera” will appear. Tap Settings, and turn on the camera. You'll be logged out of the app, but next time you log in Deposit Anywhere should work normally.
  • Here are the issues we recently resolved. If you continue to encounter any of these resolved issues, please contact us 800-388-7000.

    General Login:

    • When logging into Mobile Banking you may be asked for a verification code each time you log in, even if you've already registered your device. The majority of these instances have occurred with the mobile website.

    Deposit Anywhere:

    • If you are using iOS 10 on an Apple device, you may see a black bar in the right portion of the screen when capturing a check image with Deposit Anywhere. Rest assured, this will not prevent you from successfully submitting the check. Just be sure to frame the check so it isn’t covered by the black bar. We are working with our vendor to resolve this issue and hope to have a fix in place soon.

    • If check images are being declined due to poor image quality, try turning on the Preview function before taking the photos. This will allow you to view a larger proof image of the check before submission. Once your camera has been activated, slide the Preview button to the right (it will turn green). This button is located in the lower right corner of the screen.