Hackers Enjoy the Social Revolution

Hackers benefit from people sharing personal information via social media.

Businessman smiling in his office
Protect your information from social media hackers.

Are you a social media fan? If so, hackers would like to say “Thank you.” The information shared via social networking sites can be used by these thieves to gain access to your accounts. All of a sudden, you may find your finances in ruin.

The problem is that online security questions are just too easy. What’s your high school mascot? A hacker can search Facebook to see where you attended high school, then Google the school to find the mascot. What is the name of your pet? Chances are a simple Twitter search will lead hackers to that info.

So what can you do to protect your money from hackers? Adam Levin, the chairman and founder of IDT911, an identity theft and risk-management company, gave USA Today a few tips. Below are some you should consider.

Less is More. Consider reducing the amount of personal info you share via social networks. Also, when given the choice, make your social media accounts private.

Watch Out. You should always be monitoring your credit reports. You’re due one free copy from each of the three big credit-reporting bureaus per year, so spread them out and monitor them for discrepancies.

Seek Help. If you do get hacked, ask your employer or financial institution for help. Many offer free programs to guide people through the process of recovering your information.

This article was written by Chris O'Shea originally for SavvMoney®