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New Online Banking

When you log in to the new Online Banking, you may see more accounts than you did before.
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Discover the all new Online Banking experience.

Easy account access is just a few clicks away. Online Banking lets you manage your money your way.

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Bill Pay

Easily pay your bills from your computer or mobile device.

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Pay Anyone

Send money instantly to anyone at anytime, anywhere.

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Deposit Anywhere

Securely make your check deposits in a snap.

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Secure Messaging

Protect your information by sending secure messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new with Online Banking?

With a clean new look that’s consistent across all devices, it’s easier than ever to Connect Your Way. And enjoy feature enhancements that will help you manage your finances seamlessly, like:
  • The ability to see all your accounts in one place, including joint and external accounts
  • A customizable dashboard
  • Budgeting tools to help you achieve your financial goals
  • Quick and easy transfers
  • Enhanced security through device registration

Do I have the option to go back to the old Online Banking?

Because we’ve upgraded to a new and improved platform, we cannot revert back to the old Online Banking. But why go back? We’re confident you’ll enjoy the many enhancements we’ve made in the new Online Banking!

What does the term “widget” refer to in Online Banking?

In our new Online Banking, widgets are icons identifying a specific function within Online Banking. For example, some of the default widgets on the left side of your dashboard are Accounts, Transfers, and Bill Pay.

Can I customize the widgets I see on my Online Banking dashboard?

Yes, you can select favorite widgets to appear on your dashboard. To do this:
  • On the dashboard, hover over your username in the upper right corner of the screen, and click Settings from the menu that appears.
  • On the Settings page, click the Widgets tab:
    • The first icons (or ‘widgets’) that you see listed are your Favorites. They will have a yellow star next to them. These are the widgets that appear in the left navigation of your dashboard.
    • You can have a maximum of five Favorites that appear in your left navigation.
    • If you already have five Favorites selected, and you’d like to add a new one, you must first unselect one of the current Favorites. To do this, click on the yellow star next to the widget you’d like to unselect.
    • Your updated Favorites will now appear in your left navigation. All other widgets are still accessible by clicking the More icon below your Favorites.
  • To change the order of your selected Favorites, click the green Reorder Favorites button located near the upper right corner of the page. You can then drag and drop within your Favorites to place them in the order you prefer.

Can I add accounts from other financial institutions to my new Online Banking dashboard?

Yes! A great benefit of the new Online Banking is that you can now see all of your accounts—even those at other financial institutions—in one convenient dashboard. We call this an aggregate account view. To link external accounts:
  • From your dashboard, hover over your Login ID and click Settings.
  • From the Settings page, click the Accounts tab.
  • Click the option to Link an External Account.
  • You will see a summary of our ACH Transfer Policy. Click I Agree and then Continue.
  • Next, choose which type of access you’d like to have. In order to view an external account on your dashboard, you must choose the View Only option.
  • You’ll be prompted to search for the name of your external financial institution. Once the institution is selected, verify your identity by providing the login credentials for the other financial institution. When finished, click Connect.
  • If your identity is successfully verified, you’ll see the accounts that are associated with the credentials you provided. They will be listed at the bottom of your account dashboard under a section labeled “External Accounts”.

I’ve never used Online Banking before. How do I set up access?

It’s easy! Visit this website homepage, select Set up access in the Login box and follow the prompts.

Are there resources available for using the new Online Banking?

Yes! We've developed a series of tutorial videos to walk you through the new Online Banking. You can also access additional FAQs via our Questions & Known Issues page.

I’m having trouble with Quicken® in the new Online Banking. Are you aware of the issue?

Yes. You may experience issues accessing data within Quicken® during the Online Banking upgrade process. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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